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Armion played My Pokemon Ranch

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Armion said...
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Updated my giveaway list. If anyone wants a pokemon, just send me a message, and have an egg or throwaway pokemon ready in return.

Golduck/Male/Bashful/Lvl 51 (If you were in the Pokemon Stadium Livestream, I said I'm make one. Only one I'm making, took forever to train on Pokemon Colosseum breeding one.)
Charmander/Male/Quiet/Lvl 16
Persian/Male/Naughty/Lvl 78
Sandslash/Male/Serious/Lvl 47
Treecko/Male/Quiet/Lvl 5
Ralts/Male/Relaxed/Lvl 5
Ralts/Female/Mild/Lvl 5
Misdreavus/Female/Gentle/Lvl 61
Butterfree/Male/Careful/Lvl 64 (Yellow Scarf)
Jolteon/Male/Relaxed/Lvl 53
Eevee/Female/Quirky/Lvl 1
Riolu/Male/Quirky/Lvl 1
Nidoking/Male/Brave/Lvl 69
Omastar/Male/Timid/Lvl 44
Sandshrew/Female/Quiet/Lvl 64 (Orre caught/trained)
Zubat/Male/Calm/Lvl 62 (Orre caught/trained)
Mankey/Female/Docile/Lvl 1
Mankey/Male/Brave/Lvl 1
Mankey/Male/Quirky/Lvl 1
Mankey/Male/Hardy/Lvl 1
Cherubi/Male/Impish/Lvl 1
Cherubi/Male/Modest/Lvl 1
My Pokemon Ranch

My Pokemon Ranch (WII)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Life Development Sim
Release Date: 09/JUN/08
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